Positive affirmation cards that allow children to create their own inner self belief, self love and learn the power of positive self talk

Positive Affirmation Cards for children

Who Can use Nurture Cards?

Nurture cards can be used as Nurture Group resources to promote self-esteem and self confidence in children. They can be used by parents and carers as a part of everyday life or by professionals such as Social Workers, Child Therapists, Family Support Workers, teachers and those working in the medical profession. They also compliment the attachment parenting style or parenting by connection model.

The Story Behind Nurture Cards

Affirmations, are to affirm to ones self, ‘to state positively ‘.

We affirm to ourselves, different beliefs every day – positive and negative. So do those around us, though what we affirm to ourselves is more powerful. The belief system that we create is what effects our confidence, self love, self worth, our positive attitude for ourselves and the world around us.

The illustrations on Nurture Cards are designed for children to relate to, on their level. They are deliberately ’imperfectly perfect’. The emphasis is on keeping each card bright and colourful. Focusing on issues children deal with, and using words that they understand.

Roxanne Gately the designer, has done much research with counsellors, child psychologists, teachers, children and parents when developing the affirmations for Nurture Cards.

The words on each card were chosen carefully, to create powerful affirmations, each with an important message. Children are captivated by the unique and beautiful illustrations. These cards can be a helpful tool for professionals working with children or parents.

Nurture Cards bring an exciting and magical element to every day.

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