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Positive Affirmation Cards in Schools and Nurture Groups

Have you ever wondered whether your students would benefit from using affirmation cards? Research co-authored by Geoffrey Cohen, a professor of education and psychology at Stanford found that “Self-affirmation plays a role in academic success for minority students”*. Another study done by CarnegieMellon University’s David Creswell found that self-affirmations can also be used to boost students grades.*

Positive affirmations are being used more and more in Nurture Groups and Social Skills groups.

There are many different ways of using affirmations within the school setting. Using affirmations with children can help them to develop positive belief systems about themselves. In the school setting where every student is different and unique it can be easy for children to feel like they are not as talented, academic, funny, sporty or confident as their peers. Sometimes the unique qualities of a student can be missed and therefore that child misses out on having a positive thought or belief about themselves affirmed. This in turn can encourage negative thinking. Using affirmations can help with this.

Nurture Groups: Affirmations are ideal for Nurture Groups, each child can pick a card of their own card or they could pick cards for each other. This helps to encourage empathy and kindness. They can be used as a way to open a small group or bring one to a close. When used in a Nurture Group setting they can bring the group together as the whole group is focussing on something positive. It is something the student can hold in their mind and take with them. It’s something positive about them that was chosen in the safety of the group.

Self-confidence assists children in many ways - Socially, with self-expression, creativity, imagination, and will also help children to engage, participate and excel in learning. When children feel a sense of self-worth, they feel more confident in their learning abilities.  Affirmations work by creating a positive belief system. Cementing a thought, and when a situation arises that contradicts that thought, the affirmation comes to mind to help. If your affirmation is “I am wonderful, just the way I am”, and you are told you are “stupid”. The affirmation will remind you of your belief. You will then be thinking. .”I’m not stupid, I am wonderful!” Without positive beliefs, you may take on the insult just given to you…believing that you are stupid. The more an affirmation is repeated, the stronger it becomes. 


What we think about ourselves, can affect how we develop. Using Nurture Cards in the classroom provides all children with the tools that will allow them to be the best that they can be. Teachers are able to help all children with creating a positive mind, especially those children that may not have the care and support at home.

Affirmations can be used in the classroom in many ways. They can be used daily weekly or monthly.

They can be put on a display board or students can keep their chosen one or even write it down. They can be used in circle time or when tricky issues such as bullying arise. Students could choose one as they enter the room. Students can choose them for a friend or for a child they struggle to get along with. Parents could choose one for their child to remember while at school.

There are many ways affirmations can benefit schools not only with academic achievement but also with the mental health of students.

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* https://www.cmu.edu/homepage/health/2013/summer/benefits-of-self-affirmation.shtml

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